His Soul to Hold – Excerpt

Bass and Bree test


Bree swallowed hard, suddenly feeling wobbly. Had she just asked him to share her bed?

Heat raced up her neck and across her cheeks. Embarrassment exploded in her chest.

Her grandmother would be appalled.

She hoped he would say yes.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Bass’ voice waivered.

Bree’s head snapped up. “Huh? Why?” She bit back the hurt burning her throat. “I mean we’re both fully clothed adults. Not like I’m asking you to sleep with me. Just share the cot.”

Seriously! Why wouldn’t he want to sleep with me?

Bass took a step back. “First off that thing was barely big enough for me. Seriously I surprised it didn’t already fall…”

“Excuse me! Just how much do you think I weigh?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Bass continued to back pedal until he hit the door. “I just meant when we were both sitting on it. If weight was an issue…”

“So you won’t share the cot with me because I’m fat?” Her voice hitched up an octave.

“Wait. What? I never said you were fat.”

“You said…”

“Look. That thing is old, shaky, and ready to fall apart and too small for two people let alone someone as big as me. You take the cot and I’ll take the floor.”

Bree’s cheeks heated like third degree sunburn. She’d been acting like he rejected her sexually. “I’m sorry. I’m tired and…”


“Excuse me?”

“You’re tired and the soul-bond is affecting your emotions and you’re vulnerable.” Bass took three quick steps forward and had Bree up against the wall, her arms pinned above her head before she even realized he’d moved. “Be thankful I said no. I’m just the kind of bastard to take advantage.”

In the next breath he had his mouth slanted over hers, his tongue seeking entrance. Bree sighed and gave in. Even as her own tongue tried to take control of the dance, her body melted against his, vibrating with need and hunger. Deep inside her something tightened and then burst, her energy slowly draining away.

All too soon the surge of heat and electricity vanished and Bass was back on the other side of the small room, panting. “Maybe I should relieve Rail from patrol. Being out in the snow might be a good idea.”

Before Bree could respond Bass was gone. She hadn’t even seen him move or the door open. He’d just vanished. Falling forward she caught her balance on the edge of the table and slowly sucked in a deep breath.

Taking a shaky step towards the cot Bree realized two things. One, Bass was the best kisser in the world. And two—even though she was far from being a virgin—she’d just had her first true orgasm.