Lunch with a side of Insanity aka – the Drunk Dumbass

We are all familiar with the “crying baby” whether on a plane or in a store or at a restaurant right.  In most cases you just ignore the kid, I mean it’s not like they can’t be reasoned with “Now Johnny, just because you are only 18 months old it doesn’t give you the right to cry in a public space and act like a baby.”


So yesterday I’m at lunch with some coworkers and at the table behind us is a family with a baby and an older child. The baby was crying so much as squealing. She wanted what was on her brother’s plate and the mom couldn’t shove food in her mouth fast enough.

A little annoying, especially when she hit that high C above C above C that only babies seem to be able to reach, but not enough to go complain.

Or so We thought.

Out of nowhere this man comes up to the father and says “Your screaming baby is making it impossible for me to finish my food.”

Honestly we thought it was a joke – you know that obnoxious friend you haven’t seen in a while – NOPE

The father was like “Are you fucking kidding me?” and it went downhill from there.

Now, logically, if anyone “had the right” to complain it would be those of us sitting in the dining area with the baby – right? And then any right thinking adult would have gone to the hostess to ask to be moved or for her to request the mom take the baby outside.

Not this jackass, nope, he’d come all the way across the restaurant from the bar section to yell at this family. And of course he was drunk.

They start shoving and yelling, mom snatches up the baby who is right next to dad in a highchair, the manager comes over with some waiters and tell the guy he has to leave, the police have been called – nope he’s not leaving. “Fuck off” blah, blah, blah. He doesn’t have to leave, he’ll leave when he’s good and ready, but he’ll be back. Who did he think he was Schwarzenegger?

A bit more arguing, yelling and cursing with the manager about how he didn’t have to leave, and then he finally did leave (I think before the police arrived). He kept yelling how he would leave under his own power, so maybe the police had come and “offered” to carry him out – I don’t know. Then as he walked by the windows the asshole waved at the family like “Ha, Ha”.

I honestly thought the father was going to go after him!

Well the manager comped their meal and since they no longer wanted to stay everything was boxed up to take with them. The hostess came over showing two (pink) cans of mace to assure the family that she had been ready to take the guy down. Several other patrons along with wait staff came over to check on the family – and even the cook came out to apologize for the horrible situation. “No reason for anyone to act like that.”

I’m hoping that the hostess or manager now has a picture of this guy up front and at the bar with “DO NOT SERVE” under it.

Sad thing is this asshat will probably go home sleep it off and not even remember what he did.

There are much bigger problems in the world than a loud baby – look to Manchester for example not to mention all the horrible attacks for the last 15-20 years here in the States and abroad.


Thank you for listening to my rant.


One thought on “Lunch with a side of Insanity aka – the Drunk Dumbass

  1. I’m incredibly happy to hear that the family was well treated and that there are still business people who will take action without even being asked.

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