Where have I been hiding?

Well recently I’ve been at home recovering from surgery.

It all happened four weeks ago – I was sitting at work when an excruciating pain began to build in my chest and into my back. My first thought was heartburn, only I hadn’t had anything to eat but tea and a breakfast bar.

Two hours later I was shaking and sweating and a coworker called 911, the fear was that I was having a heart attack.

Now the hospital happens to be 5 minutes from the office, so the EMTs only had time to give me aspirin and begin putting the stickys on for the EKG – they did attempt to get an IV in but couldn’t get a vein and since we were pulling into the Emergency Room decided not to try (after already poking me). They did do the EKG in the parking lot though.

One thing about Emergency Rooms they move very fast, and then you sit and wait, and then everything moves fast, and then you sit and wait again. At least my parents were there.

After a chest X-ray and an Ultrasound they determined it was a major gallbladder attack – really? Well with that determined they finally gave me a pain killer.

After talking with the doctor we figured I’d been having attacks for about 8 or 9 months – like really bad heartburn last Fall and just weeks before this episode, I had what I thought was a 36-48 hour flu – all of that could have been “warning” signs. Who knew?

I was to have had an MRI that night but another emergency came in that bumped me off the schedule. So I was taken to my room and got a few hours sleep before getting moved to another room.

I did get the MRI first thing in the morning – which showed that I had a blockage and that was where most of the pain was coming from – the doctor actually said that the stones were stacked up like PEZ candy.

Unfortunately since my MRI had been delayed everything got delayed and I had to wait yet another day to get on the surgery schedule. As a result I got moved to yet another room, where I ended up with the roommate from hell (ok maybe not hell but she and her friends were annoying as hell). The day I was in the first surgery they took over the room! And then had the balls to comment that we had been taking up all the space – uh hello I was in surgery!

And the roommate was just rude – loud tv, leaving the lights on and then putting on a sleeping mask to go t sleep and repeatedly complaining about everything.

I just wanted to sleep – I had a second surgery to look forward to.

And no the roommate wasn’t any better when I came back form that one – in fact she was even more annoying that day.

I thank God I was released the next afternoon because I really couldn’t stand being in that room one more day with her.

I didn’t go straight home tough – spent two days with the parents while I finished off the meds – good thing to because they kind of made me sick.

Since then it’s been three weeks of slowly recovering at home, doctor’s appointments, phone calls and paperwork.

Good news I’m well enough to go back to work!

I know you’re thinking “you’re happy about that?” – Yes because I can only sit around the house for so long – and all the things I want to do here at home are things involving lifting like laundry and cleaning – and I’m still restricted from lifting for two more weeks – so I might as well work and be productive right?

And yes I was somewhat productive at home working on book three and jewelry.

So there it is – and point of this rambling???? When something doesn’t feel right go to the doctors.



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