Lost in the Land of Lists

Lists, lists, lists! My life has become a list of lists.listsjpg

My file cabinet a work is covered in postie notes

A list of files that need to be checked

A list of files that still need summary spreadsheets

A list of files I’m waiting to come in

A list of people I need to nag because they aren’t checking their lists

Aaaaaannnnnnnddd checklists for the book!

(His Soul to Keep, coming soon from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing)

I need a list of my lists!

I did get my giant weekly organizer self stick calendar out and stuck it the refrigerator so I can start scheduling the next few weeks – I’ve got to work around a vacation August and a month long class in September –and then the exam for that class in October. Somewhere in there I’ve got to schedule doctor’s appointments.

Ugg…bangs head on desk

When did life get so complicated? I remember those by-gone days when I swore I would never be one of those people that needed to keep one of those personal organizers? Do you remember how big those things were in the 80’s? Now of course everyone keeps their life on their smart phone – I guess I’m going to have to breakdown and get one.


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