Smartphones – an observation

This is just the opinion of someone who is an avid people watcher – I feel like Smartphones are giving people ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Or at the very least making a world of very unobservant people.

SmartphoneRisks1We all have seen the lady walk into the fountain or the guy walk into closed doors because they can’t take their eyes off their phones. The number of accidents due to texting while driving and WALKING are on the rise. I recently watched a young woman walk right into traffic having never looked up from her phone. Thank goodness traffic was light and the drivers paying attention.

While Smartphones are great and give us instant communication, updates on important issues, and the ability took up anything on the internet that instant access has become an obsessive behavior. There are people who cannot NOT look at their phone. They have to check EVERYTHING. Every beep, tweet, ring, buzz – whatever. They are jumping all over the place (no not literally) hopping from Twitter to Facebook to email to newsfeeds and back not focusing on any one thing and trying to see it all.

How many times have you had to take the phone away from your kid, your spouse, your friend at dinner? I know I have.

I’ve seen high school girls on the commuter bus sitting next to each other – texting each other! What happened to talking?

I know people who use their smartphones to bypass their works internet usage policies because they can’t be out of contact and restricted. Seriously how many cat videos can you watch?

All of this makes me afraid to get a Smartphone – people keep telling me “Oh you won’t be able to live without it once you get one!” Right now I can, and do, ignore my cell phone. I don’t even have texting.

If I get a Smartphone will I be able to resist the allure of instant access ?

Enough rambling for now – but think about ….can you disconnect for one hour? one day?


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