Excerpt from His Soul to Hold

A little taste of Book Two


Unable to push the idea from her mind Bree tossed her belongings into her room, pushed Sam’s stuff against his door and stormed into Bass’ room. “You said you wanted to talk?”

He didn’t respond, and frankly Bree didn’t want him to spoil the moment with words.

Her heart pounded like a jackhammer as she stared at the God standing outside of the bathroom door. The dim yellow light made his golden tan glow and accentuated the hard planes of muscle. Entranced, she couldn’t help but let her gaze flow over him.

Strong shoulders turned into arms she longed to feel around her. Stretching from beneath his hair to his glorious ass ink covered his back, like a work of art supported by the muscular pillars of his legs. The way his muscles tightened in his thighs Bree knew that he knew she was staring.

And she didn’t care.

Slowly she let her eyes wander back up to the tattoo. He’d turned his head slightly causing the curtain of his hair to slide away and reveal more of the image. She had to bite her lip to keep from crying. His entire back was covered by a serpentine dragon. Its wings stretched out over his shoulder blades and the length of his arms, the tips ending at his writs; the neck bent forward as though the massive jaws were ready to strike—to tear the viewer to pieces. The eyes—the only bit of color, were blood red. Captivated by the beauty and madness of the ink Bree studied the sinuous body as it traveled down the length of Bass’ body, the dragons’ tail wrapping itself around the trunk of his right leg.

dragon-backFor a moment she thought the creature would tear itself free from Bass’ flesh and attack her.

“Why did you choose a monster?” she choked out before she could stop herself.

“Isn’t that how you see us?” he glanced over his shoulder. She shook her head and Bass laughed with no humor. “Then you’re a fool, because that’s what we are. Beasts, monsters all wrapped up in a pretty package.”

“No. Those things you fight are the monsters.”

“And eventually I figure we’ll be just like them. Look at how bat-shit-crazy Hogart is.”

“He seems better . . . .”

“For now.” He turned and gave Bree an unimpeded view from the front. “You like what you see?” he asked suggestively.




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