The Winter Weight Loss Battle

Ok I admit it – I’ve loss the battle this winter. But the war goes on. At my peak I’d lost 55 pounds – I’ve now put 22 back on.

This winter has been a killer – I haven’t made it to the gym for even a light workout in 3 weeks. Either it was snow or ice keeping me from going or the below freezing temperatures. No way I was going to get all sweaty working out and then walk out into  single digit degree air.

I could have worked out at home, but you know how that is – other things distract you.

Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t a complete potato. I don’t drive so I walk a lot. I walk from the Metro to the office, from the Metro home. I walk around the house during commercials. I have a hula-hoop and a set of stationary peddles.

On the up side I think having to walk in heavy boots for several months has strengthened my legs – or at least tired them out. After the last big snow my legs felt like I’d walked twenty miles not two blocks. And no boots are good on ice. I did the Bambi on Ice routine twice this winter. At least aside from some minor bruising all I hurt was my pride.

And when I was sedentary it was while editing His Soul To Keep, but I found a way to get some exercise in while sitting. I did leg lifts under the desk and got up and walked around the house every second set of commercials. If nothing else it helped keep my back from getting stiff.

In the end after analyzing all of this I have come to the inevitable conclusion that I got lazy. Not just in making sure I got some exercise in, but watching what I was eating.

So now that Spring is here, the crocus are blooming, the temps are in the fifties, and the sun is shining bright there are no more excuses.

Tomorrow is another day. Each day a new beginning. Every day is a chance to get back on the ball.  I did it once – I can do it again.




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