Taking Charge and Charging Ahead in 2015

Well here we are, the beginning of a New Year, new month, new week, time to take charge and get going!

Yeah right.

We’re all gung-ho at the first of the year and 30 days later its all – yeah whatever.

Well this year I’m going to try and make a go at taking charge of all those things I need and want to do.


To start, getting back on the plan with Weight Watchers – I had been doing so good but then I got lazy. Not so much physically lazy (although I have to admit I did duck out on few gym sessions) no I got lazy with paying attention to what and how much I was eating. I slid back into old bad habits.

I know I can do it – I did it once – I can do it again.

Starting today


Next on the list is writing – I have no choice there. My editor just returned her first pass edits on Book One (His Soul to Keep) and now it’s my turn. So not easy. So much more than ‘add a comma here” or “take that word out”. I spent two hours and got two chapters done last night. Forty more to go – but the good thing is I have a set deadline. It does mean that book two will have to hang out there for a bit unless I can find a way to squeeze in a few mi nutes of writing time.

Click the picture to see the synopsis of His Soul to Keep

Rail and Cassidy


Jewelry – normally that sleeps until Spring and then I start making new goodies for the website – I’ve already started on a new line of pendants.

Want to see what I’m working on? Please look me up at


I’ve also created Angel Wing jewelry to go with the books



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