One more step

Two more days and off I fly – this is a big step for me. Not just getting on a plane, but going to a gathering where I know not a soul.

Writer = Introvert

The good thing is that this Immersion Class with Margie Lawson is small, intimate and more like a major hard critique group then a class where you fear failure. (No that will be the month long class I have to take online in November for work).

As nervous, anxious, terrified as I am I’m excited to be putting myself out there to try something new that will improve my writing. Also this will be good working with someone in the editing arena as I got my first contract last month (His Soul to Keep) with Just Ink Press and I want it to be the best.

You can read a snippet here Rail and Cassidy

And even thought I’ve already sent his Soul to Keep off pending the editors notes, I’m taking the draft of Book two – His Soul to Hold—with me to work on at the class. I want it ready to send in (crosses fingers) immediately upon request.

So what is your greatest fear? Is it traveling, meeting new people, learning new things, risking failure? All of the above?

I conquered my first fear and that was joining a group – the Washington Romance Writers. I’m still the wall flower at meetings, but I’m out there

Next was doing the writers retreats, meeting people I didn’t know.

Third was submitting my stories and fearing opening those rejections – after the third one it wasn’t so bad anymore (most of the comments were friendly if not helpful)

I got burned on one contract offer so meeting the challenge to agree to a second was a big leap for me – mission accomplished

And now flying off to meet people I don’t know – I did this once before back in 2008 to meet a group of wonderful women I’d met online in a fan chat (yeah I know I could have been killed – thanks mom) but they really inspired me to get out in the world and pursue writing – I will be forever grateful.

In short – take that chance no matter how scary.

Now if only I could take my own advise when it comes to dating

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One thought on “One more step

  1. Rhonda Allen

    I have a lot of fears myself and I also think that my life is taking me in a directions where I have no choice to face my fears. (Dating will have to wait lol) but your words are very inspiring and makes me want to take on every challenge. Granted I might quit but then again I just might go through it. The world may never know..

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