Stepping out of the comfort zone

So next week I will venturing off to  take a Deep Editing class with Margie Lawson.  I took a mini version a year or so ago  and gained a lot of insight into my writing – not just the words but what I was thinking about a scene as a wrote it.

Now this trip is a big deal for me because I HATE FLYING – hate it, hate it, hate it. Thank goodness its only a 3-4 hour flight. Add on to that the fact I’m somewhat claustrophobic and an introvert and its going to be an interesting trip.

Why am I telling you this? because I wanted to point out the value, the worth, the need to step out of that little circle of comfort we all hide in.  Trust me I’m no stranger to anxiety. Its taken me years to reach this point.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve traveled for work, I’ve visited friends, I’ve been lovingly forced to stand up and talk in front of people – and each time I managed by focusing on the goal.

My goal this time – becoming a better writer!

If you’ve never taken a Margie Lawson class I recommend visiting her website and checking out the online classes I took several self study courses including her Defeating Self Defeating Behavior  – I can kick myself for missing the  Mastering the Synopsis course.

Now off to prepare, pack, and psych myself up for the flight – I’ll let you know how things go when I get back.

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