Diet is a 4 letter word Progress Report

It’s been about three months since I started this blog on my weight loss journey – so where am I now?

I can tell you it’s been a struggle – after losing 55 pounds nearly 12 have snuck back on.

Currently I’m on a slow but continuous loss after a 3 pound gain on vacation.  I’ve lost those 3 pounds a half pound a week at a time, so I’m back to the original 12 pesky pounds.

The last two weeks have been temptation after temptation celebrating both my birthday and my first writers’ contract – I was surprised and amazed at a half pound loss this week.

Now I have another trip coming up, an immersive, intense writers class, and I’ll have no control over the food options.

Here is my plan:plan

  1. Until I leave, I will continue to work my way back to the Weight Watchers plan that I’ve wandered away from
  2. Not stress over the food while I’m away – what will be will be, just watch the proportions and I will bring a few healthy snacks with me
  3. Try to work in at least one short walk a day – probably in the morning before we start working and I’m going to pack my resistance rope to do a little stretching in my room at night

After I get back I’m going to buckle down on the food plan – the holidays are coming and we all know what that means – food, food, food.


This will be my view during my writers class next month – talk about inspiration


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