The Healthy Writer, part two

The Chair vs the Back

As I have been editing my book (yea me) for the last week I discovered several things:


  1. I don’t know how to use commas
  2. I have a problem with apostrophes (plurals and possessives)
  3. Need to watch when I center a chapter headers – Word will center from the tab
  4. The old way  I learned of typing with two spaces between sentences no longer applies
  5. And I have a horrible desk chair

So to summarize – the real problem is my desk chair

After a little more than a half hour of working I got up to take a five minute “run” around the room, and I could barely straighten up!  break-bad-back-habits

Oui my back!

My “run” turned in to that “old man shuffle” and then I was hesitant to go back to working.

So I popped a pillow behind me and attempted a another round of working. However at my second break time I still struggled to stand up straight. Grumbling about cheep furniture I moved from the chair and desktop computer to the recliner with pillows behind my back and the laptop on a table.

It helped for a bit…

… but I got distracted by the tv.

I have also learned that working in the living room is far too close to the kitchen and I should stay in the workroom upstairs. Instead of walking around for five or ten minutes to stretch and recharge I found myself staring into the pantry or refrigerator as thou within the space a half hour the items would have changed while I was working.

Where are those magic kitchen faeries when you have a sudden craving for some frozen yogurt?

This is the reason I do not keep any junk food in the house. Unfortunately this is also why I plowed through a pound of grapes.

Lessons learned:

  1. Bone up on the punctuation rules
  2. Get a new desk chair
  3. Stay upstairs when I’m working

Other things I need to work on

  1. Exercise more to strengthen back and shoulder muscles, not to just to lose weight (although that would help ease the stress on my back as well)
  2. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep


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