Diet is a 4 letter word post 5

Summer is almost over! Did you survive your vacation? Is yours still pending?

I am currently suffering from Vacation backlash – but it was fun!

So the vacation challenge this year wasn’t so much what I ate,  as when I ate – and when I got to sleep.

I was pretty good, I think, on watching what I ate and the portions with only small “slip ups” I wasn’t going to beat myself up over.  But I was way off my “feeding schedule” .

I have fairly standard meal times, breakfast around 9am, lunch around noon or 1pm, and dinner around 6 or 7pm – this past weekend it was more like breakfast at 9am and dinner at 8pm. Wasn’t expecting that the first full day and didn’t have any snacks available for the middle of the day, so yes I turned into a cranky person by 5pm – by 7pm I’m surprised I didn’t eat the whole chicken! I bought a bag of M&M’s to eat while shopping for the food.

The second and third days were better planned and eating something made for a better day even with a late evening.

Going to sleep late was the other hurdle – you eat late then go to bed late with no activity in between, and by Monday I was in sad shape.

Monday morning my FitBit emailed me to ask if there was something wrong – I hadn’t even made the minimum 10,000 steps for the previous two days. And that was with trying to get in a morning walk – short though it was – each day.

dragon sleeping treeI felt like a slug.

Tuesday slept in to recoup the loss sleep and planned to go for a walk – Mother Nature had other plans – it rained almost all day. And not the sprinkle rain you could still walk in rain, no this was the downpour not even an umbrella helps kind of rain. But eventually it did blow over and I did get a walk in. And just moving made me feel better.

Wednesday was back to work and back on my regular routine and I was thrilled that by bedtime I was at 15,000+ steps.

So I think, despite the fact I still feel like I’m dragging, that I’m getting back on track.

Now I’m trying to get back to routine with the writing, my class work, and the jewelry making (all after the 9-5 job) while still trying to get up and move every hour if not every 30 minutes so I don’t get all stiff. And I will get back on my two nights a week gym schedule.

So my advice is plan when you are going to eat – plan out snacks – and plan on trying to sleep – plan on having fun


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