Diet is a 4 letter word post 4

Its been a month since I started this

Challenges are becoming clearer since putting everything out int he open – no hiding

So this past week I did better than expected – down a pound.

walkingvvI think it’s the FitBit – competing against two of the guys in the office to get the most steps in per day. It also helps remind me to keep moving.

This has become very import over the weekends when I sit and write – I get into a groove and forget to get up and move occasionally. Then when I do get up my legs are stiff. So what I’ve been doing is leaving the tv on while I work  and whenever there is a commercial break I get up and walk laps around the house for duration of the commercials – FYI some channels a have 5 minute breaks others have 10. While it does disrupt the writer groove it makes me feel better in the end.

Over the weekend I took several mile long walks – you do a lot of thinking while you walk, listen to music and observe the things around you like deer eating the neighbors landscaping.  I think it helps clear the mind for creativity.

Considering I was “bad” two days out of last week I was considerably surprised I was down anything – so other than walking and the stationary bike what did I do right?

I ate lots of salad, home grown greens with chicken, strawberries, slivered almonds, chopped up lowfat cheese stick and Paneras Lemon Poppyseed dressing is totally yummy for lunch (even after having it three days in a row).

So now the big challenge will be this coming weekend – girlfriends gathering! Lots of food and sitting to gossip – hopefully my room-mate will be up for morning walks!

The biggest challenge now is still snacking – especially at work. Even with healthy snacks I end up walking to the grocery and buying something “bad” because the healthy snack is no longer appealing, so that is still something to work on.

So now that the FitBit has made excises more a conscious effort – time to get the eating on plan.  I’ve gotten lazy with tracking so I need to get back to that.

Hopefully this weekend I don’t over indulge.


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