When Your Characters Talk To You….



So last night as I was looking for inspirational pictures for my “boys” aka The Dark knights of Heaven I heard a whisper…no not really but you know how it is

Book Two is in the works : Bass, fallen angel, a Dark Knight of Heaven, decided long ago that women were no more than a distraction, needs to an end, the occasional itch that needed to be scratched. He used them to fill a need he didn’t understand until he meets Bree.  At first touch he knows that not only does she hold his soul, but she is the missing piece. He watched her die in the ancient past and vows to never let that happen again.  Bree and her twin brother Sam have been on the run since their parents’ murder. Haunted by nightmares and chased by demons – the prey will become the hunters. Ten years later Bree meets the man who will turn her life upside down and make sense of her entire existence. At first glance she knows that she has known Bass forever, has dreamed of him and witnessed his death at least once in a previous life.

Book three is mentally being outlined – Zach’s soul-keeper and love interest will be Amber . He’s the Knight’s scientist, researcher, and when needed, resident doctor – intellectual and brooding. She’s just discovered that her stalker ex-boyfriend who rescued her from a demon attack is actually one of Lucifer’s minions – and he doesn’t want to let her go, but he doesn’t want to see her killed either. Talk about your twisted love triangles!

Book four is just developing – Hackers soul-keeper and love interest will be Lola. They don’t know it yet but they are perfect for each other. He’s the IT guru of the Knights, hiding a bad boy surfer dude personality. She’s an aspiring actress who packed up her life and moved to California – she acts like a dumb blond, but has a BA in business.



This is a scene that was inspired by the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and I’m thinking of working it and the characters into the end of Hackers story and giving them Book 5

Bathed in blood he stood before her, his tool of choice, a large serrated blade, held loosely in his right hand. He reached out for her with his left hand. Jade stared at the raw piece of meat in his palm he held out like an offering.

“What have you done?”

Sebastian smiled. “He hurt you. He broke your heart, so I took his.”

Jade tilted her head to the side, the bloody remains behind Sebastian coming into focus. The man who had humiliated, beaten and raped her as a child lay naked and open to the world across the dining room table.

She didn’t even realize she’d moved until the clattering of the knife echoed around them. There were no words to fully express all the emotions exploding within her. She pressed her hand to Sebastian’s cheek and laid her head on his chest as she stepped closer whispering, “Thank you.”

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