Diet is a 4 letter word post 3

Small victories

So this week I was down a quarter of a pound – hey at least it was in the right direction.

I think it has to do with the FitBit I got – I just wanted to get that thing to buzz when it hit 10,000 steps. And really I didn’t add anymore walking or activity during the day. Of course Tuesdays and Thursdays are gym night.

According to the FitBit I had over 15,000 steps by the time I got home Thursday night – I’m curious to know how much of that was done at the gym – I’m going to try and beat that this week.

And I appear to be averaging about 12,200 steps a day or 4 miles per day

The fun thing is that the company has set up a Leader Board so you can track yourself against other participating employees – now admittedly the employees in the home office got their FitBits July 1st and I didn’t get mine until the 23rd – but still I’m in the top 20! Right now I’m bouncing around between 20th and 14th place over all.

Nothing like friendly competion and the promise of prizes to get one motivatied!Walking-feet

In any event it made me happy to see that on a normal day I am getting in at least the 10,000 steps before I get home.

So now I’m on the right track – and it I don’t get derailed by “that time of the month” I’m hoping for at least a half pound by weigh in on Sunday.

Man it was so easy when I started three years ago – it was even easier to let the weight creep back on. But now I’ve got my head back in the game.

Activity – check

Now to get back to working on the food – proportion, proportion, proportion

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small steps


One thought on “Diet is a 4 letter word post 3

  1. BobbyB

    (Sadly, in order to be eligible to like your posts I have to set up a WordPress account, which I’m not interested in doing.)

    So, your employer provided the FitBit and the physical activity challenge complete with prizes?! Inspirational! More employers should support their workforce’s health in this way.

    Congrats on getting the scale needle to move in the right direction!

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