Diet is a 4 letter word post 2

Bummer, I was up a pound this week – so what now?

Every day is a new day

Every week will have its ups and downs – no pun intended

What did I do right?  What did I do wrong?

I ask myself those questions after every weigh-in.


I know what I did wrong this week, that’s easy to figure out: too much salt, went out for pancakes, had some cookies, indulged a little too much Saturday, not tracking anything (basically I got lazy in that respect).

What did I do right? I went to the gum twice (both times walked a mile and a half up and down hills at 3.2 MPH), and did 30 to 60 minutes of pedaling (stationary pedals without the bike) at least two of the none gym days – and since I don’t drive I’m walking everywhere – including a couple of walks to the grocery store at lunch.

So why did I still gain – shouldn’t I have worked some of it off? Well considering I’ve had a steady gain over 8 months ending in 4 weeks of zero change up or down, I’m not surprised. Something had to change one way or the other.

So I ask again – What do I do now? Start anew – every day is a new beginning, a chance to learn from what didn’t work for the previous week.

Often we will chastise and punish ourselves for those slip ups – remember tomorrow is a new day. That doesn’t mean you get to write the “bad day” off as a total loss and dive into that bag of chips – it means you take ownership of the situation, put the chips aside and know tomorrow you will make better choices.

Okay, okay – it’s not always that simple. Personally I can rationalize anything by saying “I had the cookie, I’ll go to the gym”….. aaaaaaaand that might be a totally unrealistic expectation for the day or even the week.

Had a crappy day and didn’t dive into the gallon of Häagen-Dazs? Good for you!!!

Went for a walk instead – even better!!!

Had that chocolate chip cookie your co-worker brought in? Not the end of the world, don’t beat yourself up – you only had one not six.

See we don’t always realize we made the right choice because often our minds are in a different place.

Accept it, own it, and move on.



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One thought on “Diet is a 4 letter word post 2

  1. If you know that you have too much salt.. make sure to push lots of water to get it out of your system. Retaining water… adds weight easily. A US liquid gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds. So retaining water can easily add that extra pound. Keep walking, that is nature’s best exercise.

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