There’s never enough time!

books2Ok who else has 400+ books in their “to be read” pile (paper books or electronic)…I know I do. Sheeesh I have at least that many just on the Kindle – and I’ve lost count of how many paperbacks are sitting there waiting, crying out, for attention.

Just when I get to the point of oh look I can start on that one – a book I’ve been waiting for is released!

And what is this nonsense I heard two years ago that paranormal romance is dead? That’s most of what I read. Ok I agree for awhile there, there was a glut on vampires in all forms – but dead? Never.

Of course I’m biased since I write paranormal.

But when do I have time to write these stories while I’m trying to read all of these books? Whenever I can squeeze in 20-30 minutes. Lunch time mostly, when my head is buzzing and I don’t want to think about work.

Which brings me to, how much does what you read influence what you write?

Growing up I didn’t read romance in any form (that I knew of) while my friends were tearing through the Harlequin “bodice rippers” of the 1980’s. I read mainly Science Fiction Golden Age authors, and some Fantasy. In high school I discovered Mercedes Lackey and Raymond E. Feist and the Elfquest books and graphic novels.

I can’t remember exactly when I switched over to paranormal romance – I’ve always been into the paranormal so it wasn’t a big leap – but I do know it was around 2007 when I joined a group of delightful like minded women on line in a chatroom fan group for the tv show BloodTies. They would recommend authors and books and I got hooked. Funny thing was that I had read some of the books and it just never occurred to me that they were “romance” stories, I was all about the action and the story – and yes happy the guy got the girl (or the vampire, were-wolf, witch).

Right now many of my stories are being influenced by the tv show Ancient Aliens – I just love the theories, the history, and the links between cultures worldwide.

It does make you think about what could be out there.

books3Just keep reading!


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