DIET is a 4 letter word post 1


DIET is a 4 letter word

A word that strikes fear into the hearts of those, like myself, with fragile self images.

Diet should not stand for starving yourself to fit into a public image – it should stand for

Determination – to start

Independence – from bad habits

Entitlement – to make the lifestyle change

Tenacity – to continue when you want to give up

It should NOT be all about the scale.Weighing-Scales-1

Three years ago I started my weight loss journey for the third time. The first two times were completely unintentional and both related to depression. Of course as soon as the depression was over I was back to my old, bad, eating habits. This time I joined Weight Watchers. I figured that if I paid for the help I’d be more than likely to stick with it – sometimes you just need the comfort that comes from people who just understand.

Since 2011, I have lost a total of 55 pounds, put 12 back on – been fighting with the same 5 of those for 8 months – and I have 27 to lose to reach my healthy goal (a weight that is 18 pounds less than the lightest I ever was in high school!)

So in the spirit of support I thought I would start blogging about my journey – especially as an author / writer – a profession that emphasizes “butt in the chair”, in conjunction with my 9-5 job, which can be very sedentary as well.

Most of the post will be rambling observations or commentaries on what’s going on – in a word TRIGGERS. Those little things that have me running for the Reeses Peanutbutter Cups, stress, frustration, anger – did I say stress?

writer1And occasionally little tips I have learned: Don’t have food at your desk! This is a very important “rule” if you are a writer. Mindless munching when you hit a writer’s block is inevitable.


Other times I hope to post affirmations: I can do this


I hope you will join me on this journey and that together we’ll learn something .

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One thought on “DIET is a 4 letter word post 1

  1. BobbyB

    Keep baby carrots at the desk, or whatever raw veggie you can consume. Okay, they can’t compete with Reese’s Cups in the flavor department and you probably won’t eat them. But that can actually help break the habit of craving the hand to mouth activity (I hear it works to help quit smoking). And if you do eat them, you get to feel self-righteous later. They’re also great for chucking at people when they annoy you. Baby carrots in particular – little projectile missiles.

    Seriously, it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there while experiencing one of the most private journeys: the process of weight loss. Congratulations to you for only adding a mere 12 pounds back and choosing to address it early. I’m looking forward to reading about how you kick @ss with this lifelong challenge called Keeping the Weight Off.

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