What’s in a Name

“What’s in a name? That we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

We’ve heard a lot lately in the news about politically correct names of sports teams – but now fish?

Is anyone truly offended by the Asian Carp being called the “Asian” carp? It caused quite a stir this past April in Minnesota where it is now illegal to refer to the invasive carp from Asia as “Asian” – they will now simply be known as Invasive Carp. The point was that calling the fish “Asian” cast the Asian people of the world in a bad light as this designation was being attached to a predatory animal taking over the waterways.

What’s next? Will we have to change the names of the African Violet, Cuban Tree Frog, and the Burmese Python ? What about the Chesapeake Blue Crab (Maryland), Polish Sausage, German Beer or Canadian Bacon – French Toast?

At what point do we say enough is enough?

Over the years titles-job descriptions have been changed to gender neutral designations to match the changing times, and that makes sense:

Mail-Man became Postal-Person, until the term “postal” became synonymous with someone going crazy and shooting up a work place, so the name became Letter Carrier

Stewardess became Flight Attendants once more men began taking the job

Secretaries became Administrative Assistants because someone finally recognized that the “secretaries” were actually assisting the administrators in running the company and everyone would be lost without them. (Ok, I don’t know if that’s the reason but it makes sense to me).

Firemen became Firefighters, while Policemen became Police Officers

All logical changes

Some not so logical changes:

Garbage man is now a Sanitation Engineer (what are they engineering?)

Elevator Operators (think fancy hotels in New York) are now referred to as Vertical Transportation Specialists

The Lunch Lady is no more – she (or he) is now the Education Center Nutrition Consultant

And the Paper Boy is now your media distribution officer – but he (or she) still can’t get the paper anywhere near your door

But what about the Male Nurse – a Nurse is a Nurse – if you say He’s a male Nurse it’s kind of redundant don’t you think – you wouldn’t say He’s a male Doctor or She’s a Female Nurse

When will the madness end!


Thought for the weekend:

Da Truth


One thought on “What’s in a Name

  1. BobbyB

    First, can I just ask: really? Is this a real thing with the Asian Carp? How did I miss that??

    Second, did I send you that graphic about monotony killing you? 🙂

    I enjoyed this! When is your next post about the weight loss journey, too?

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